Simplified arbitration

The Arbitration Board charges a fee for managing a case in accordance with the procedures for accelerated arbitration.

In addition, a fee is payable to the arbitrator – who will usually be a technical arbitrator – for his or her work on the case, and any expenses relation to meeting facilities, transport, etc are also payable. The arbitrator’s fee is subject to the same rules as those applying to arbitrators in arbitration tribunals, and reference is therefore made to the guidelines on the calculation of fees in arbitration cases and to the information provided under the tab ‘arbitration case costs’.

The arbitrator decides how costs are to be split by the parties.

In a case in which the claim amount does not exceed DKK 500,000, total costs (the charge payable to the Arbitration Board, the arbitrator’s fee, the cost of meeting room facilities, etc) will generally not exceed the deposit amount of DKK 30,000. If justified by the scope of a case, the deposit amount may be increased to a maximum of DKK 40,000. The security to be provided, ie the deposit, will consequently be of the same size.

The parties are jointly and severally liable for payment of all amounts, but will be entitled to recourse. Special rules apply to the provision of security for legal costs. They are set out in Chapter 5 of the 2010 Arbitration Board Rules of Arbitration.

The rules set out in the guidelines on the calculation of fees apply. A party may separately bring a decision concerning the magnitude of costs made by an arbitration tribunal before an ordinary court of law.


Fees and charges

The Arbitration Board charges an initial fee of DKK 5,000. In addition, a service charge of 0.3% of the total amount claimed in the case is payable, the maximum amount being DKK 10,000.

If the parties withdraw the case within thirty days after it was received by the Arbitration Board, the service charge will be waived.


Practical information and account number

To ensure fast and correct recording of payments and deposits made to the Arbitration Board, remitters are requested to use the FIK code that the board sends to the parties in a case. Some of the board’s letters include codes for both parties, with the names of the parties clearly specified next to the relevant code. It is important that the correct FIK code is used in relation to payments. Some IT systems do not support the use of FIK codes. In such cases, payment can be made to:

Danske Bank, registration number 4180, account number 4180211519

SWIFT: DABADKKK  –   DKK IBAN: DK5830004180211519.

The Arbitration Board file number and the names of the parties and the remitter must be stated in connection with manual transfers.

Regrettably, automatic invoicing on the basis of EAN numbers is currently not possible, and electronic invoices can only be issued if a specific request has been sent to