Case types and rules

The Arbitration Board offers a range of services, depending on the nature of the individual dispute, including hearing by an arbitral tribunal, expert appraisal, expert determination, speedy dispute resolution, simplified arbitration, informal dispute resolution, and conciliation and mediation.

The parties in a building or construction project may have stipulated in their contract that the provisions of the standard agreements adopted in the field of building and construction apply, which means that disputes will in principle be resolved within the framework of the Arbitration Board, or the parties may otherwise have agreed to use the Arbitration Board before or after a dispute has arisen.

The standard agreement documents for building and construction are set out in General conditions for building and construction works and supplies (AB92 or AB18), General conditions for consultancy services for building and construction works (ABR89 or ABR92) and General conditions for design and build contracts (ABT93 or ABT 18). The conditions were adopted by the parties in the building and construction sector and thus not by the Danish Parliament.

If desired by the parties, proceedings may be conducted in English.

Legal basis

The standard documents are to be found in AB92, AB18, ABR89, ABR18, ABT93, ABT18 and AB Consumer.

In addition, the Arbitration Board has a number of rules and guidelines that can be found under the individual case types on this website.AB 92 English
ABR 89 English

Useful links

Some cases are heard outside the Arbitration Board framework, including some small-scale consumer cases and disputes which do not touch on building and construction projects. You can find further information on the following websites:

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