The work of the Arbitration Board is currently focused on expert appraisal, expert determination and arbitration cases. The other dispute resolution models, ie conciliation, mediation, anticipatory arbitration and expedited arbitration, are not commonly applied.

The number of new cases remained stable in 2012 and 2013 as compared with the situation several years ago when the level of activity in the building and construction industry was much higher, leading to more arbitration cases.

About one-third of arbitration cases are heard by one legal or one technical arbitrator acting alone.

In recent years 18–25% of all hearings have been rescheduled, generally based on agreement between the parties. About 20% of all cases for which a hearing has been scheduled are settled before the date of the hearing.

Arbitration cases that involve the Arbitration Board will generally be of a particular financial order of magnitude, involving claims for sums between DKK 100,000 up to DKK 10 million. About 50% of the cases heard by the board concern claims of less than DKK 1 million, and about 40% concern claims for sums between DKK 1 million and DKK 10 million. The remaining 10% involve claims in excess of DKK 10 million.


Approximately 300 new arbitration cases and about 300 expert appraisal cases are brought before the Arbitration Board each year, including expert appraisals during an arbitral procedure. The board also proposes expert appraisers for cases brought before ordinary courts of law in 800-1000 cases annually.

There are about 100 new expert determination cases each year. The exact figures are presented in the statistics below.
Statistical overview of cases

Case processing times

The processing time for an arbitration case is generally between six and eighteen months, depending on the nature of the case, but it may be longer for complex cases. The average processing time for concluded cases was fifteen months in both 2013 and 2014. It should be noted that there is great variation in processing times, as some cases – especially cases heard by a single arbitrator – may be concluded within six months, whereas complex cases may take several years. Expert appraisal will generally prolong case processing times, and such appraisal is used in a large proportion of arbitration cases.

A progress registration procedure can be carried out in a few days or weeks. An expert appraisal procedure with only a few questions that the parties agree on can be carried out in a month or two, while cases with many questions, some of which the parties may have difficulty formulating, and sometimes also with supplementary questions, may take a year or more.