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About the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board

The Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board offers dispute resolution in the field of building and construction in accordance with the General Conditions for the Provision of Works and Supplies within Building and Engineering of 10 December 1992 (AB 92), primarily in Denmark.

The Arbitration Board handles arbitration disputes in the building and construction sector, obtains expert opinion, issues expert decisions and facilitates conciliation and mediation.

Dispute resolution under the auspices of the Arbitration Board can be used by both parties to a contract if they have agreed to apply AB 92.

The Arbitration Board has 11 members, most of whom are appointed by key parties in the building and construction industry. The Arbitration Board lays down its own general tasks and strategies, in particular rules of procedure, but does not make rulings on specific disputes.

Decisions in disputes are made by arbitration tribunals set up in accordance with the 2010 Rules of Arbitration for disputes in building and construction. Such tribunals generally have three members, but in some cases five members are appointed. The proces can be conducted in English or other languages as the parties agree.

A presidium is attached to the Arbitration Board, consisting of a chair, a deputy chair and one other member, as well as 17 alternates, all of whom are either supreme court or high court judges. Furthermore, several professionals with expertise in building and construction are associated with the Board and may be appointed expert arbitrators in specific cases.

The Secretariat of the Arbitration Board is responsible for day-to-day administration, specific procedural tasks and the provision of information concerning proceedings and formal rules.

The Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board was established in its present form on 1 January 1973.

Welcome to the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board

We hope that this website  will lead to transparency and clarity as regards the work, procedures, roles and costs of the Arbitration Board.

We wish to ensure that professionals such as lawyers and appraisal experts have easy access to frequently used information such as rules and regulations, and that non-professionals can gain better insight into the workings of the Arbitration Board.

Please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat if any questions.

Lene Ahlmann-Ohlsen
Executive Director


New rules on medaition and conciliation have been adopted by the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board the 31 August 2015.

The present “rules on anticipatory dispute resolution” have been updated and renamed “rules for informal dispute assessment”. These rules are also adopted by the Board the 31 August 2015. Consiliation and mediation
Informal dispute assessment