Conciliation and mediation

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Fees and charges

The Arbitration Board charges an initial fee of DKK 5,000. In addition, a service charge of 0.3% of the total amount claimed is payable, the maximum amount being DKK 10,000.

If the parties withdraw the case within thirty days after it was received by the Arbitration Board, the service charge will be waived.

If the informal consiliation/mediation is unsuccessful, the fee and service charge will be paid back provided that the matter is subjected to arbitration. If it is, a fee and service charge will be payable for the arbitration case instead.

Below is a list of Arbitration Board fees and charges.
Fees and charges (consiliation and mediation)


When to use conciliation and mediation?

A clear prerequisite for conciliation and mediation is that the parties agree on such a dispute resolution approach, either because it was agreed in advance or because they agreed upon it after the dispute arose. Conciliation and mediation can be used in cases of all sizes with few or many parties involved.

The rules were introduced in 2004 and revised ind 2015. The success rate for conciliation is relatively high, as the parties have managed to resolve their dispute in the vast majority of cases. To date, mediation has only been used to a very limited extent.