Informal dispute assessment

In informal dispute assessment proceedings the parties must provide security for all estimated costs relating to the assessment. In addition to the Arbitration Board fee for management of the case, the security must cover the assessor’s fee as provisionally estimated.

If the parties wish an additional assessor to be included, a supplementary fee of DKK 2,000 is payable.

The assessor’s fee for his or her work in the procedure is calculated on the basis of time spent. The fee and other costs are determined by the Arbitration Board based on a recommendation from the assessor.

At the start of the procedure, the Arbitration Board determines the amount of security to be provided, which will give the parties an idea of the maximum costs involved in the case procedure. The amount will in principle be DKK 20,000, which must be distributed equally among the parties.

The parties are jointly and severally liable for the amount, with recourse.

The Arbitration Board is not registered for VAT, and all fees and charges are therefore exempt from VAT. If and when the Arbitration Board invoices services on which VAT is payable ­– typically expenses related to expert appraisal ­– the VAT amount will be specified in the settlement letter.

Cases of this type are filed as O-cases.


A front-end fee of DKK 5,000 including service charge is payable at the start of proceedings.

If the parties withdraw the case not later than thirty days after it was filed with the Arbitration Board and before an assessor has been appointed, the service charge will be waived.

Below is a list of Arbitration Board fees and charges.

Fees and charges

Payment information

In connection with payments for services and payment of deposits to the Arbitration Board, the Secretariat forwards a letter containing an FIK code. To ensure quick and correct recording of payments and deposits made to the Arbitration Board, please use the FIK code. Some of the Board’s letters include codes for both parties with the names of the parties clearly specified next to the relevant code. It is important that the correct FIK code is used in relation to payments.

Some IT systems do not support the use of FIK codes. Instead, payment can be made to:

Danske Bank, registration number 4180, account number 4180211519

SWIFT: DABADKKK  –   DKK IBAN: DK5830004180211519

If manual transfers are used, please state the Arbitration Board file number, the names of the parties and the name of the payer.

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to use the EAN system for electronic invoicing, and electronic invoices will therefore be issued only in response to a special request sent to