Expert appraisers

The special strength of the Arbitration Board is that it combines legal and technical expertise. The Presidium and the alternates represent legal expertise, while competent specialists are appointed by the Arbitration Board to act as expert appraisers, specialist experts or arbitrators in disputes concerning subject matters within their field of technical expertise. They include construction designers, paving experts, architects, structural engineers and master carpenters. The professionals may be specialists who either carry out or advise on building and construction, and they may have worked as or for both contractors and clients.

In order to be appointed an expert appraiser by the Arbitration Board, candidates must have many years of extensive experience in one or more relevant disciplines and must have kept their skills up to date. It is also useful if they have attended special training sessions for arbitration expert appraisers. It is a fundamental requirement that a potential expert has an unblemished reputation. The expert must keep his or her CV updated and send updated versions to the Secretariat whenever relevant.

The Arbitration Board will contact new potential experts if a need for special skills arises in relation to a specific dispute and may do so in connection with training courses, on the basis of recommendations from other experts or on the basis of motivated applications and CVs sent to the Secretariat. If the board deems a person suitable for appointment as an expert appraiser, the board will notify him or her, but it may take some time before there will be a job that matches his or her special field of expertise. Expert appraisers attached to the Arbitration Board may be offered assignments within their field of expertise at the Arbitration Board but may also be proposed to act as experts in disputes in the ordinary courts of law.

Technical arbitrators

The board finds many suitable technical arbitrators among the experts already working for it. However, many other competent professionals may be appointed technical arbitrators. A reasoned application to assist the board as an arbitrator may be sent to the secretariat of the Arbitration Board together with a CV and relevant documentation.

In each specific case, the Arbitration Board will contact the technical arbitrator it finds most suitable relative to the subject matter of the dispute. This may be a person who has previously acted as an arbitrator or a new technical arbitrator. The parties to a case may request that an arbitrator have specific technical and professional skills, but the Arbitration Board has no obligation to appoint specific technical arbitrators to act as arbitrators in a specific arbitration tribunal. The decision will be based on an assessment of whether such a request can be met.

Specialist experts

An expert appointed to determine whether, for example, drawing on a performance bond is justified will typically be an experienced expert appraiser. The Arbitration Board uses people who are technically competent and who through their work have gained experience and developed special skills that enable them to perform the job of arbitrator. It is not a prerequisite that they have worked as expert appraisers if their professional background is deemed to make them suitable for the job.

Reasoned applications for appointment as an expert may be sent to the secretariat of the Arbitration Board together with a CV and relevant documentation.