Contact Committee

The Contact Committee composed of representatives of the Association of Danish Law Firms and the Arbitration Board usually meets once a year to discuss the general management of cases in the Arbitration Board and to find solutions to problems that may have arisen.

The Association of Danish Law Firms has appointed the following lawyers to sit on the committee: Klaus Kastrup-Larsen, Michael Melchior, Niels W Kjærgaard and Henning Moritzen. The Arbitration Board is represented by the chair of the Board, Anette Gothard Mikkelsen, the chair of the Presidium, Michael Rekling, and executive director Lene Ahlmann-Ohlsen.

Minutes of committee meetings

The most recent committee meeting was held on 14 September 2018.

The following new information about the meeting has been published: The Association of Danish Law Firms and the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board has a smoothly operating contact committee that discusses topics of current interest in relation to the activities of the Arbitration Board. The committee members representing the Association of Danish Law Firms are the lawyers Klaus Kastrup-Larsen, Niels W Kjærgaard, Henning Moritzen and Michael Melchior, who can be contacted about the work carried out by the committee. At a committee meeting held on 14 September 2018 a number of drafts for new Arbitration Board rules following the publication of the AB18 agreements were discussed, including the rules on speedy resolution. All new rules are expected to be adopted by the Board in 2018. Both at the meeting this year and at previous meetings, the focus has been on the reasons for delays in expert appraisal procedures, including disputes about the questions asked and the documents submitted. The contact committee will be involved in future work relating to the preparation of Arbitration Board guidelines, including guidelines on expert appraisal and speedy resolution.

No minutes of the 2017 meeting are available.
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