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Cases brought before the Arbitration Board generally concern a dispute between professional parties in the industry. Professional arbitration involving a high-level legal arbitrator and technical arbitrators with expertise in the specific field the dispute concerns may be an attractive alternative to a hearing in an ordinary court of law, both financially and in terms of time spent. If arbitration has been agreed in a construction case involving a consumer, the Danish Arbitration Act provides that the consumer is entitled to cancel the choice of arbitration.

Arbitration means that a dispute will be decided by private, independent experts. One objective is to ensure that the matter will be treated confidentially at a high professional level; another is to obtain a speedier process because procedures are more flexible and arbitration awards are final. The parties therefore do not risk having to spend additional time and money on appeal cases. Since arbitral awards cannot be appealed, the information presented in the case as well as the legal and technical knowledge and the expertise of the arbitral tribunal must be at the highest level.

Arbitration in building and construction disputes often has the special advantage that several direct parties and parties joined as third parties in the proceedings, ie contractors and subcontractors, can be involved in a single case if they have all used standard AB agreements as their contractual basis.

It should be noted that the Arbitration Board is not allowed to provide information about past or present cases brought before it, unless such information is already publicly available. The pictures used on this website have been selected purely because of their visual expression and do not indicate that the building or construction projects shown are or have been the subject of Arbitration Board cases.

Meeting facilities

At Vesterbrogade 2B in Copenhagen, the Arbitration Board has meeting and conference rooms that can be hired for hearings in arbitration cases. The facilities include both large and small rooms, and water, coffee, tea and chocolate are available during meetings.

Meeting Room 3 can accommodate many direct parties(joined third parties and up to five arbitrators, totalling about 40 people. Meeting Room 8 is suitable for cases with three arbitrators and three or four parties, ie up to 20 people. In addition, the Board has a number of small rooms suitable for small-scale hearings, pre-meetings, etc, including a waiting room for witnesses where there is coffee, internet access and a selection of magazines and journals.

Meetings and hearings may also be held elsewhere. Many cases are heard in good meeting facilities at hotels and conference centres in Jutland and on Funen.

Useful links

Some cases are heard outside the Arbitration Board framework, including some small-scale consumer cases and disputes which do not touch on building and construction projects. You can find further information at the following websites:

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Danish Complaints Board for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Danish Complaints Board for Technical Installations

Danish Mediation Institute

Danish Institute of Arbitration

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)

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