The Secretariat is happy to receive both negative and positive comments in general and on individual cases.

It is important to the Arbitration Board to receive feedback on its activities: what works well and where is there room for improvement. Such feedback may include expressions of satisfaction with the work of an expert appraiser or others, or expressions of dissatisfaction with an expert appraiser who is considered not to be adequately qualified for the task.

A link to an evaluation form including an email address will be sent after the conclusion of each case. Evaluation responses are confidential and no person evaluated will be notified of the specific feedback given, and the Arbitration Board will only use the information provided for general purposes.

At the beginning, a broad evaluation of all Arbitration Board services is required. Respondents may therefore feel that they have to answer a large number of questions. However, the intention is to ask for evaluation of fewer aspects later on. The evaluation makes it possible for the Arbitration Board to determine whether users are pleased with the services provided by the Board, including the work performed by experts, and to identify areas where there is room for improvement.

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