Calculate case costs

The cost calculator can be used to calculate costs relating to arbitral proceedings with three arbitrators, including large-scale cases. The costs shown are indicative only, as various aspects of the main hearing such as the complexity of the case, its duration and the number of arbitrators may lead to differences compared to the result obtained by using the calculator below. This is particularly true of fees in cases with a level of claim in excess of DKK 6 million and the service charge payable in cases with a level of claim in excess of DKK 30 million.

In cases with one or five arbitrators the Secretariat should be contacted for information about costs. Additional information is available under the Costs tab.

The cost calculator has a maximum amount of 500.000.000 kr.

Initial fee payable to the Arbitration Board – fixed fee 4.000
Service charge payable to the Arbitration Board 4.000
Indicative fees payable to the arbitration tribunal (three arbitrators) 45.000
Total procedural costs excl. of lawyers’ fees, renting of premises, etc 54.000

Cost calculator

The cost calculator can be used to calculate the total amount payable in the form of fees, service charges and other expenses associated with proceedings involving three arbitrators. Once the level of claim has been entered, an indicative cost level is shown.

The calculated cost is thus indicative only, and the final costs payable may differ because of the way the case develops, the cost of renting premises, etc.

The calculator should not be used to calculate arbitrators’ fees in cases involving claims for less than DKK 500,000, as such cases are often heard by tribunals with only one arbitrator, which means that expenses will typically be lower (see the ‘Arbitration’ tab). However, the cost calculator can be used to show general fees, service charges, etc in such cases.

The calculator cannot be used in cases in which the level of claim exceeds DKK 0.5 billion.

In such cases the Secretariat should be contacted for relevant information. The Secretariat should also be contacted in relation to cases with a level of claim in excess of DKK 6 million for information about aspects that may lead to a level of costs that is higher or lower than that obtained by using the cost calculator.

Payment of deposits

Payment of deposits

No fees or charges are payable when the statement of complaint is lodged. At the start of proceedings, the Arbitration Board will determine and notify the level of deposit to be paid as security for payment of the cost of conducting arbitral proceedings. The deposit is to be shared among the parties involved.

A sum of DKK 40,000 will be charged in cases with only one arbitrator and a level of claim of less than DKK 500,000. In cases with a level of claim in excess of DKK 500,000 the deposit will be determined on the basis of the actual claim.

The deposit will be raised if necessary. The Arbitration Board does not pay any expenses on behalf of the parties and will wait for payment of additional deposits before taking any further steps.

The parties may not submit a bank guarantee for payment of the costs when a statement of complaint is lodged at the Arbitration Board.

In connection with the conclusion of proceedings, the arbitral tribunal will decide on the allocation of costs between the parties, and the Arbitration Board will then settle with the parties. Any excess deposit paid will be reimbursed. Any interest on deposits held will be retained by the Arbitration Board.