Expert determination

A fee and a charge are to be payed for the management of cases, including the selection of a competent expert and determining whether all formal requirements such as the time limits set out in AB92 are met.

In addition, a fee is payable to the expert. The fee amount is determined by the Arbitration Board on the basis of time sheets filed by the expert and the hourly rates charged by him or her. Other expenses incurred, for example for meeting facilities and transport, must also be paid.

Immediately after having received a request for expert determination, the Arbitration Board will ask for the fee. Later a provision of security for payment by the party requesting expert determination will be initiated to ensure payment for the charge and the expert fee. The security must be provided in the form of a deposit of DKK 30,000. If the deposit is not paid within the time stated by the board – typically eight days – the case may be dismissed without further notice.

If necessary during the expert determination period, an additional deposit may be requested. The expert will determine who is to pay the costs, including the fee. The parties are jointly and severally liable for any amount in excess of the security provided.

It is usually possible to conclude a case without costs exceeding the deposit amount of DKK 30,000.

Fees and charges

The initial fee for one expert is DKK 5,000 and must be payed immediately after filing the case. When the case has been handled a charge of DKK 3.000 must be payed. If additional experts are needed, a fee of DKK 3,000 will be charged for each additional expert.

If the parties withdraw the case within thirty days after it has been received by the Arbitration Board, only the fee will be payed.

The Arbitration Board is not registered for VAT and all fees and charges are therefore exempt from VAT. When the board includes services on which VAT is charged ­– typically expenses relating to an expert – in its own invoices, the VAT amount will be specified in the invoice.

Below is a list of Arbitration Board fees and charges.
Fees and charges


Practical information and account number

To ensure fast and correct recording of payments and deposits made to the Arbitration Board, remitters are requested to use the FIK code that the board sends to the parties in a case. Some of the board’s letters include codes for both parties, with the names of the parties clearly specified next to the relevant code. It is important that the correct FIK code is used in relation to payments. Some IT systems do not support the use of FIK codes. Instead, payment can be made to:

Danske Bank, registration number 4180, account number 4180211519

SWIFT: DABADKKK  –   DKK IBAN: DK5830004180211519.

The Arbitration Board file number and the names of the parties and the remitter must be stated in connection with manual transfers.

Regrettably, automatic invoicing on the basis of EAN numbers is currently not possible and electronic invoices can only be issued if a specific request has been sent to