The Arbitration Board is the name of the institution itself, while the standard agreements, the board’s statutes and the individual sets of rules and regulations list a number of tasks to be performed by the board, the presidium and the secretariat. The board also has a number of individual experts and arbitrators with expertise in building and construction at its disposal, for example skilled builders, engineers, architects and representatives of other professions in the industry.

The board has eleven members, nine of whom are appointed after having been nominated by key organisations in the field of building and construction. The board functions as a kind of board of directors and adopts general guidelines for its activities, including general rules on the management and hearing of cases, but the eleven members of the Board do not decide any cases.

A group of judges is attached to the Arbitration Board. It consists of a presidium of three arbitrators and 19 alternates, all of whom are either supreme or high court judges.

The Secretariat has a staff of 30 people who are in charge of administration and preparation of the arbitration cases and assist the individual arbitration tribunals. The Secretariat also follows up on the work performed by the board.

The individual rules concerning the hearing of cases lay down the authorities vested in the board, the Presidium and alternates – and in certain respects the chair of the Presidium – and the Secretariat. Further information is available under individual tabs under the heading of ‘Case types’.


The tasks of the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board are laid down in the statutes of the Board and its rules of procedure.

The documents are to be translated.


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