The Board

The Arbitration Board has 11 members (named below). Nine members are appointed by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency on the recommendation of the Danish Construction Association, which nominates two members, Danish Social Housing (BL), the Danish Association of Architectural Firms (Danske ARK), the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI), the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the National Association for Building, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Danish Association of Construction Clients.

Two additional members are appointed by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency without being nominated by an organisation. At present, the two members represent the Danish Building and Property Agency and the Danish Road Directorate. The board has appointed these two members as chair and deputy chair for a four-year term beginning on 26 June 2014.

The other members of the board are appointed for an unlimited term of office and generally have experience from working in the industry. A board member is only bound by his or her own convictions and not by any instructions issued by the nominating organisation.

Members of the Arbitration Board can work in that capacity as lawyers, expert appraisers, specialist experts or technical arbitrators, and the board as a whole thus has both theoretical and technical experience and ‘a finger on the pulse’ in relation to the tasks carried out by the board.

The board has adjusted its statutes and rules of procedure 28 January 2017.

Statutes and rules of procedure

The tasks of the Arbitration Board are set out in the board’s statutes and rules of procedure. The rules of procedure are approved by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency.

Tasks of the Arbitration Board

The Arbitration Board is the board of directors that determines the overall guidelines for the activities of the board, including the management and hearing of cases. The board does not decide any specific cases.

The board decides on arbitration tribunal fees in excess of DKK 300,000 on the basis of recommendations submitted to it.

The Arbitration Board approves budgets and accounts. It may also discuss and make decisions on problematic administrative matters or complaints, unless such matters can be decided by the chair alone. The Arbitration Board normally meets three times a year, one of the meetings being an annual strategic seminar. The board may meet more frequently if deemed necessary. One of the board meetings includes a joint meeting with the Presidium of the arbitration tribunals.

Members of the Board

Anette Gothard Mikkelsen
Head of division
The Danish Building and Property Agency
Vibeke Schiøler Sørensen
Næstformand for bestyrelsen, specialkonsulent
Per Mohr Hansen
The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, FRI
Kim Christiansen
Danish Association of Architectural Firms
Henrik Fausing
Project director
The Danish Construction Association
Christian Dahl Pedersen
Director and master builder
The Danish Construction Association
Peter Andersen
General counsel
The Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Trine Overby Laursen
The Construction Society
Birgitte Fæster
Head of legal department
The Danish Social Housing Sector
Tove Dyre Palnum
Legal director
The Confederation of Danish Industry
Chico Sandbeck
Director general
The Danisk Association of Construction Clients