Simplified arbitration

In 2007 the Arbitration Board introduced a system of simplified arbitration and thus gave opposing parties the possibility of resolving disputes simply and quickly. There are no monetary limits for disputes that can be resolved through simplified arbitration; it is up to the parties to decide whether they wish to use this option.

In addition to agreeing on arbitration by the Arbitration Board, the parties must enter into a specific agreement on arbitration based on the rules on simplified arbitration. Such an agreement may be made for existing or future disputes in relation to a contract.

Simplified arbitration means that only one arbitrator is appointed, who generally is a technical arbitrator. Each party may submit only one pleading and the statement of defence must be submitted within 30 days after receipt of the statement of claim. No expert appraisal will take place during the proceedings but the arbitration tribunal may decide to visit the building or construction site concerned in the dispute. The arbitration hearing will take place no later than 90 days after the case was filed. If possible, the arbitration award will be issued fourteen calendar days after conclusion of the hearing.

The purpose of simplified arbitration is to ensure speedy and simple resolution of disputes. Consequently the parties cannot expect any deviation from the rules and regulations, including rules on deadlines once they have been agreed upon.

Awards in simplified arbitration proceedings are to be brief and should not include particulars of claims, outlines of evidence or extracts of closing arguments.


The Arbitration Board rules on simplified arbitration date from 2007. Like ordinary arbitration cases, cases are referred to as C-cases.

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