Simplified arbitration

The system of simplified arbitration adopted by the Arbitration Board gives opposing parties the possibility of resolving disputes simply and quickly. It is up to the parties to decide whether they wish to avail of this option.

An agreement on simplified arbitration requires the parties to have entered into a specific agreement on arbitration arranged by the Arbitration Board. Such an agreement may be made for existing or future disputes in relation to a contract.

A characteristic of simplified arbitration is that, in principle, only one technical arbitrator is appointed. However, the parties to the case may submit requests for a different composition of the arbitral tribunal. Simplified arbitration cases will insofar as possible be concluded not later than six months after receipt of the complaint. If possible, the arbitral award will be issued fourteen days after conclusion of the hearing. Awards in simplified arbitration proceedings are to be brief and should not include any particulars of claims, outlines of evidence or extracts of closing arguments.

The purpose of simplified arbitration is to ensure speedy and simple resolution of disputes. Consequently the parties cannot expect any deviation from the rules and regulations, including rules on deadlines set out in specific provisions.


The standard agreements in this field are AB92, AB18, BT93, ABT18, ABR89, ABR18 and AB Consumer. The Arbitration Board has adopted its own rules for simplified arbitration in the building and construction sector.

Cases lodged in pursuance of AB92, ABT93 and ABR89 are processed in accordance with the Arbitration Board rules on simplified arbitration from 2007, while cases lodged in pursuance of AB18, ABR18 and ABT18 are processed in accordance with Part 8 of the Arbitration Board’s 2018 Rules on arbitration.

The rules are available in English under the tab with text in English. Cases may be conducted in English if the parties so desire.

Cases are referred to as R-cases.

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