Informal dispute assessment

The purpose of the rules on Informal dispute assessment (previously anticipatory dispute resolution) is to provide an alternative to an actual arbitration case. By means of very simple procedures, these rules enable the parties to obtain speedy resolution of a dispute that has arisen, thus making it possible for their collaboration to continue. The parties have to agree on adopting such procedures.

If requested to do so, the Arbitration Board appoints an assessor to present an opinion about technical, financial, legal or administrative matters. The assessor may be a technical assessor or a person with a background in law.  The assessor will not mediate, but will present his or her own assessment of the matters in question.

The assessor will only present a verbal opinion at a meeting with the parties. The opinion is not legally binding and will have no legal significance in any subsequent arbitration case.

The assessor’s fee will be based on time spent and determined by the Arbitration Board. The board will also determine the distribution of legal costs between the parties on the basis of the assessor’s recommendation. The parties are jointly and severally liable for the total costs.



The Arbitration Board rules on informal dispute assesment are from 2015. They are building on the rules on anticipatory dispute resolution date from 1993.

These cases are referred to as H cases.

Please note that the Arbitration Board has prepared a proposal for a clause on the use of conciliation, mediation or anticipatory dispute resolution which may be inserted into new contracts or in schedules to already existing contracts if the parties desire to do so.

Informal dispute assessment

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