AB-18 introduces mediation and mediation as part of the AB system.

The arbitration panel has offered mediation and mediation since 2004. The interest in this type of conflict management has increased – in 2017, 15 cases were filed against 3 cases in 2016.

The difference between mediation and mediation at the arbitration tribunal is that the mediator assists the parties themselves by resolving the dispute, where the process includes can help restore a distorted collaboration. The mediator can, for example, Do not guide the parties or make conciliation proposals. The broker is not, however, refused to come up with conciliation.

The Arbitration Board has in recent years, in cooperation with the Mediation Institute, helped ensure that more people with solid insight into the construction industry are trained as mediators and brokers. The mediators are for example. lawyers or other lawyers, architects, engineers or other persons with a technical background. As mediators, people with technical background, but also lawyers, are mostly used. It is also possible to combine more skills in choosing more mediators or brokers.

The arbitration board emphasizes that the mediators used have good insight and experience in the construction industry.

The Arbitration Board and the Mediation Institute will work together to ensure that both mediators and brokers are further educated to create knowledge sharing and gathering information on the impact of these dispute resolution forms in the construction industry and in relation to general information.